Support Peter Womersley's Architectural Legacy


James Colledge Tel: +33 6 77 38 51 01


We’re a small group dedicated to raising awareness of the architecture of Peter Womersley. We are encouraging individuals and organisations whether locals, enthusiasts, journalists, academics or professionals to join us in support of the Bernat Klein Design Studio and other Womersley buildings in the Scottish Borders.


To use to record the support gathered on the website, using associated social media accounts, to create a strong voice on behalf of Womersley’s architecture in any discussions with the current or future owners about preserving the Studio in its original form and condition.


James Colledge: his family was connected with the textile industry in the Scottish Borders over two generations. They had close personal ties to Peter Womersley and are friends of the Klein family.

Helen Hurst: encountered Peter Womersley’s work while growing up. After further experience of his genius at the University of Hull she naturally returned to settle in the Scottish Borders.

Michael Smith: was introduced to Peter Womersley’s Scottish Borders architecture through family connections in his teens and has shared that enthusiasm ever since.


  • We do not own the Studio therefore cannot grant access.
  • We have no current information about the structural condition of the building.
  • We are not fund raising.
  • The success of this campaign, which we hope will have opened a door to possibilities for the preservation of the Studio not yet explored, will determine future activities.